Octber 12, 2007 - Home in California

its 1:18 AM. i'm just now getting started on today's workload on organizing the tour. i've got a panicked client - he's concerned that i will not be at his beck and call 24/7 for a month. goodness, what do people expect???

the other day, i received an email interview request from bubblegum slut zine from the UK. pretty excited about this! received the questions today and i am impressed at how thoughtful they are. this will give me an opportunity to think quality thoughts during the day rather than worry about film festival deadlines for other people's needs.

yesterday, i ventured out of the house to buy a portable external hard drive for my laptop, which has been running at over-capacity due to all the music and image files i have stored on it. this should have been a straight-forward errand. but it was not. bus driver negligence caused me to lose 2 1/2 hours of prime work time. time waits for no one. this kind of thing distresses me more than anything; most things you can make up somehow/somewhere. not time.

what am i/have i been missing while trying to get this show on the road? i missed my good friend dawn wirth's opening in LA last weekend - its called destroy all music and its pictures from LA punk rock days... this coming weekend, i will miss sham 69 play two shows in long beach on their way back to europe. and i really wanted to see ian's tattoo... the where it is and what it is.

but it isn't like i don't have tons to do. i say the following things out loud (well, figuratively) so i don't forget to do them: make jeffrey lee piece photo for dee pop; make paul cook photo for bruce of the dranks in memphis....

memphis... man, i count the moments til i arrive there....