Thanks Atlanta!

Photos by Lorilee!
Had a GREAT time in Atlanta!

Thank you:
Bryan Malone
Star Bar
Gore Gore Girls
Burmese Crush
Michelle, Tom, Adrian
Adam Renshaw
Trey Lindsay
Eric Varner & Brad Lapin
Eric Holder and ISP-Music
The Howlies
Rosa Guerrero

Atlanta, GA - here we come - December 13 - 15

Stiv Icon
WE JUST GOT THESE IN!!! If you're in the ATL - you can buy yours TONIGHT and SATURDAY at the STAR BAR - downstairs at Punk Turns 30's photo exhibit!!!

Get it in the ATL! Join me as an array of these Unguarded Moments images hang in the downstairs lounge at the Star Bar in Atlanta in the Little Five Points 'hood. Upstairs, on the 14 and 15th... its a Toys for Tots thing with proceeds going to the cause. $10 will get you in OR you're in free with an unwrapped new Xmas toy gift.

ATL handbill

If you like these crazy posters and handbills... you can get yourself a little 5x7 booklet of all 17 designs... just visit this area of the Punk Rock Gift Shop!


December 10, 2007

In ATLANTA, at last. I worked on an underground film for a few days in LA before flying out to Atlanta for my show here at the Star Bar (December 13 - 15). Because we are in the throes of winter and the unpredictable weather that with it comes, I chose to route my flight from LA to Dallas, and Dallas to Atlanta. I couldn't afford to buy the non-stop at the late date when my plans were confirmed. Dallas, I figured, would be one place where weather was not an issue on December 9. But I was wrong.

My flight from LA to DFW airport was not just on time - it was early! However, the flight departing DFW for Atlanta was delayed, and kept getting delayed throughout the course of the afternoon.... because it originated in the Plains state of Oklahoma, which was experiencing an ice storm. I was lucky, because a lot of the flights out of Oklahoma were cancelled.

Arriving at my friend Bryan's apartment in Atlanta three hours later than I expected to, I was out of luck on trying to get something to eat... bars close at midnight and most of the restaurants around here (in his neighborhood at any rate) stop serving around 10. It was 11 PM by the time I started foraging for food. I got a couple slices of really good pizza... but I had a hankering for a whole different kind of hot meal. Ah well.

Slept til 2 PM today, local time...made a few prints this afternoon... got a dinner invitation from old pals from LA who now live in Buckhead (one of them teaches at Emory), and some more printing to do tomorrow as well. Thankfully, I'm getting sleepy at 10:19 PM as I write this, so no more up-all-night stuff tonight...

If you are in the ATL.. come to the Star Bar at 8PM (downstairs) and check out the pictures --- Thursday - Saturday. Stick around for the rock n roll !

November 29, 2007

its decided.... for NY - 3 shows or even 4
manhattan, brooklyn x2 and most likely jersey city
2 in brooklyn because i am going to reprise punk rock day of the dead!

its all good

November 18, 2007

Last night was a big party in Houston, TX in the pouring rain - all hot and humid like a swamp - and Sound Exchange was packed, feeling like a steambath as 3 local bands pounded out the punk rock. LAWS, Sporatics and Welfare Mothers.

Houston was also a hit n run city on this tour... not like the leisurely 3 weeks I spent between Oxford and Memphis... however... in Houston I enjoyed:

Vietnamese lunch: Les Givral's
Most Brooklyn-like (ie: universally hip) bar: Poison Girl
Drinks and art in a fabulous converted department store: Notsuoh
Night-cap: Pimm's Cups at some secret speak-easy type bar with Rosa and Kurt... its all about the cucumber!!!

Camera Co-Op. This place RULES. I'm going back to Houston just to buy vintage cameras. I scored a fabulous gadget bag - vintage 1950s leather one in perfect condition for $20.

FINALLY: this is a LINK to some photos of the event on the Hands Up Houston message board that one of the attendees posted. You can see my BW photos on Sound Exchanges bright red wall. I couldn't have requested a better situation!

Earlier this evening in Silverlake... the hipster capital of Los Angeles... Punk 365 and Creem celebrated the publication of those books with a signing / art show at La Luz de Jesus Gallery... a few of us photographers who are California-based are showing some pieces there, and they'll be hanging til December 30. Please check it out and see stuff that's not necessarily in PUNK 365... you can buy lots of the photos also... mine are for sale, as are Chuck Krall's, Dawn Wirth's and others'

For me, there were three distinct highlights:

Seeing a beautiful installation of my 7 pieces of art. Billy Shire is a genius. he made me look good!
Los Trendy - the new band featuring Tony Kinman
Seeing my friends - Bob Matheu with his wife and two lovely daughters!!! Gail Zone, Pooch Flipside, Eddie Munoz, Tony Kinman & Kristie, Chip Kinman & Lisa, Bill Heiden and Erin Austen Abbot.

Congratulations to Holly George Warren for such a nice turn out for her beautiful book. I am so proud to be part of it.

A sojourn in Los Angeles is made all the better because I get to spend quality time with Jackie Sharp in her beautiful home.

Next Show - HOUSTON, TX - November 17

Soundex Final 2

We will be rocking an after hours party at Sound Exchange on November 17 starting at 7 PM. There will be live music from L.A.W.S., The Sporatics and The Welfare Mothers.

Sound Exchange is located at 1864 Richmond in Houston, TX, telephone: 713.666.5555
They're open 7 days, 11:00 to 7:00 and I guarantee you that they stock the records that feature my photos on the covers and inner sleeves!


November 10, 2007 - Memphis

day of the dead

That was more fun than anything I've done or been involved with in as long as I can remember.

Could be because its Memphis; could be because this group of musicians are just in it for the music and the fun... they are great players and great people...

Please see regular old Punk Turns 30 for why I think Memphis is the punk rock capital of the USA...

In Memphis, they just think I'm the last of the International Playgirls (hats off to Morrissey...) but, let me break it to you all...

at 2:30 in the morning, after coming back from a rock show where a couple of my favorite musicians have made guest appearances, redeeming an ordinary night's entertainment... I return not to a party house full of champagne and beautiful people... but to my computer.

I am making posters for the shows I have lined up through December and emailing them to the promoters in Houston and Atlanta. I'm making handbills for the shows too. I'm responding to interviews via email, and I'm searching the interweb for bargain airfares during the peak of holiday travel. Yesterday, I packed up all my art for the next two shows (Houston and Los Angeles) and mailed the prints off to their respective destinations. I can't tell you how thrilled I am with the help I got from Eric Friedl and his magic postage meter, saving me a trip to the post office

Sorry to shatter your fantasy projections... but my life isn't all that different from yours. I WORK 24/7 it seems... I usually have a cat or a dog at my side, and they are the best company. I love pets more than people sometimes. They are the best companions. They will give you undying love and devotion in exchange for food and a pat on the head. And except for the occasional request to throw a ball or toy for them to catch or fetch... they keep to themselves and leave you alone... and yet, you're together, keeping each other company... but respecting each other's boundaries. Ain't nothing like a pet! So if I ever tell you that I love you like I love my dog... that's a good thing. It means you have made a favorable impression and we could probably be friends for life

On Tour Whirlwind!

Thanks to Oxford, MS and Memphis, TN for two astounding nights of punk rock music and good times. Please scroll down to the bottom of the page for the Tour Diary Blog entry for links to photos from the event!

A DOWNLOADABLE Version of the Tour Booklet, some New Articles AND Tour Dates are linked on the right - just scroll down and look for the appropriate sections

November 2, 2007 - Memphis, Tennessee

Originally uploaded by Alisa in Memphis

This afternoon I ran out of the adrenaline that has powered me for the past 10 days. It has been an incredible 10 days as well!

There is no way I can even begin to articulate just how grateful, happy, amazed, incredulous and overwhelmed I am at the outpouring of support, good wishes and shows of friendship...

The attendance at both shows so far - the One Night Stand at the Ole Miss Motel and also the Punk Rock Day of the Dead - was brilliant. And they were great parties that will live forever in memory and isn't that why we take pictures? Alisa, who made the gorgeous collage that served as the picture platter for the photos in our show poster took these photos here with a camera she just got from her son that very day.

My dear friends and musical heroes - Jack Yarber and Tyler Keith absolutely went beyond the call of duty in the favors one does for friends department. Each of them wrangled their respective band mates and played as an ad hoc punk rock mariachi house band last night, with the lovely and dear Twinkle Van Winkle showing everyone how singing is done when her turn at the mic came up.

Thanks to local journalists (and damn fine writers) Andria Lisle and Bob Mehr, the show got a respectable 1-2 punch coverage in the Memphis Flyer and Commercial Appeal which helped to bring out some folks I actually KNEW but didn't realize were living in Memphis... and as a result of that, I am writing this from the guest room of dear punk rock veteran Robert Mache (Swingin Madisons, Continental Drifters... and a Cramps roadie from the early days) who now lives in Memphis in a post-Katrina relocation for himself & his family. We had a great catch-up & reminiscence day today and I joined the Maches and their daughter in the park for a hayride and bonfire. Viva Autumn... Memphis can boast that it has a spectacular swath of virgin forest last. It was a beautiful site and a perfect "Sleepy Hollow" backdrop for this ride in a donkey-drawn carriage through this forest, and even more delightful to watch Robert's beautiful little girl excitedly ride shot-gun on her second donkey ride go-round.

But I still cannot get over the bands! Again, I'm overwhelmed and speechless. I have always but always wanted to hear Jack play "Flashcube" live but he'd always tell me that it couldn't be done without John Whittemore on guitar. Well, last night, John was in the house and they played it for me. I'm one step closer to dying happy! Adam Woodward has always been a secret weapon on the keys and last night, the keys were on an accordion, which lent the authentic Mexican music sound... of course the sombreros and frilly shirts helped out in the appearance department. In a word, I LOVE these guys and I owe them from the bottom of my heart.

Live music and musicians changed my life way back in the 60s... and while you can frequently catch me saying - just like your own grumpy parents do - how much better it was in the old days... for my money - there isn't a soul out there playing live these days who can touch Jack Oblivian or Tyler Keith.

October 26, 2007 - Water Valley, Mississippi

thunders alt

The Motel Art Show - One Night Stand at the Ole Miss Motel - was last night (although it is STILL that night for me) and it was a SMASHING SUCCESS. There was a drizzle all day long in Oxford, but people turned out and we had a great time.

I'm so happy that every one who came into my shabby motel room gallery enjoyed the Punk Rock Junkie Motel Death theme/installation with the unmade bed and dead junkie punks propped up against the headboard within their shabby motel room frames. That was quite a lot of fun to take a room that had seen much better days and play up its torn & frayed edges.

I was especially thrilled that another artist who showed, Paul Goggins (who also fronts a couple punk rock bands that played later in the evening at Jubilee) totally shared my sentiments on my favorite shot of Darby Crash (its the one above, in the main part of this site). And I thank him for trading me his Ramones painting for the Darby photo.

There's so much more to talk about - but its after 4 AM and I MUST GO TO SLEEP.

October 21, 2007 - Toluca Lake, California

Its barely Sunday... tomorrow seems like 2 days from now, but technically speaking, tomorrow, I begin the eastward journey to the first 2 stops on this tour! I say "technically speaking" because I don't consider a day new until I've woken up on that day....

Anyway, I've got 2 bulging suitcases which are awkward. One is full of the small format photos and frames, all boxed up... clunky and heavy. I'm building a couple of Day of the Dead shrines, and I've got decorations too. Couple of snow globes I found at the 99 cent store with skeletons were perfect for the shrines! That's the kind of thing I'm carrying.

The Punk Rock Day of the Dead show - which is the second show on this tour (the first is the Motel Art Show - One Night Stand at the Ole Miss Motel) and its been declared by Kim Fowley to be THE punk rock cultural event of 2007! I am supposed to take pictures of Eric & Zac Goner, Jack O, bands, friends & cool Memphians in front of the Goner Store so Kim can see who my Memphis peeps are. Kim has also declared Alisa godhead for her photo collage talents. He's right about Alisa.


I've barely slept in the last 2 weeks... this is my last chance for a long night's sleep... so I'm going to take it.

Good night

Octber 12, 2007 - Home in California

its 1:18 AM. i'm just now getting started on today's workload on organizing the tour. i've got a panicked client - he's concerned that i will not be at his beck and call 24/7 for a month. goodness, what do people expect???

the other day, i received an email interview request from bubblegum slut zine from the UK. pretty excited about this! received the questions today and i am impressed at how thoughtful they are. this will give me an opportunity to think quality thoughts during the day rather than worry about film festival deadlines for other people's needs.

yesterday, i ventured out of the house to buy a portable external hard drive for my laptop, which has been running at over-capacity due to all the music and image files i have stored on it. this should have been a straight-forward errand. but it was not. bus driver negligence caused me to lose 2 1/2 hours of prime work time. time waits for no one. this kind of thing distresses me more than anything; most things you can make up somehow/somewhere. not time.

what am i/have i been missing while trying to get this show on the road? i missed my good friend dawn wirth's opening in LA last weekend - its called destroy all music and its pictures from LA punk rock days... this coming weekend, i will miss sham 69 play two shows in long beach on their way back to europe. and i really wanted to see ian's tattoo... the where it is and what it is.

but it isn't like i don't have tons to do. i say the following things out loud (well, figuratively) so i don't forget to do them: make jeffrey lee piece photo for dee pop; make paul cook photo for bruce of the dranks in memphis....

memphis... man, i count the moments til i arrive there....