November 2, 2007 - Memphis, Tennessee

Originally uploaded by Alisa in Memphis

This afternoon I ran out of the adrenaline that has powered me for the past 10 days. It has been an incredible 10 days as well!

There is no way I can even begin to articulate just how grateful, happy, amazed, incredulous and overwhelmed I am at the outpouring of support, good wishes and shows of friendship...

The attendance at both shows so far - the One Night Stand at the Ole Miss Motel and also the Punk Rock Day of the Dead - was brilliant. And they were great parties that will live forever in memory and isn't that why we take pictures? Alisa, who made the gorgeous collage that served as the picture platter for the photos in our show poster took these photos here with a camera she just got from her son that very day.

My dear friends and musical heroes - Jack Yarber and Tyler Keith absolutely went beyond the call of duty in the favors one does for friends department. Each of them wrangled their respective band mates and played as an ad hoc punk rock mariachi house band last night, with the lovely and dear Twinkle Van Winkle showing everyone how singing is done when her turn at the mic came up.

Thanks to local journalists (and damn fine writers) Andria Lisle and Bob Mehr, the show got a respectable 1-2 punch coverage in the Memphis Flyer and Commercial Appeal which helped to bring out some folks I actually KNEW but didn't realize were living in Memphis... and as a result of that, I am writing this from the guest room of dear punk rock veteran Robert Mache (Swingin Madisons, Continental Drifters... and a Cramps roadie from the early days) who now lives in Memphis in a post-Katrina relocation for himself & his family. We had a great catch-up & reminiscence day today and I joined the Maches and their daughter in the park for a hayride and bonfire. Viva Autumn... Memphis can boast that it has a spectacular swath of virgin forest last. It was a beautiful site and a perfect "Sleepy Hollow" backdrop for this ride in a donkey-drawn carriage through this forest, and even more delightful to watch Robert's beautiful little girl excitedly ride shot-gun on her second donkey ride go-round.

But I still cannot get over the bands! Again, I'm overwhelmed and speechless. I have always but always wanted to hear Jack play "Flashcube" live but he'd always tell me that it couldn't be done without John Whittemore on guitar. Well, last night, John was in the house and they played it for me. I'm one step closer to dying happy! Adam Woodward has always been a secret weapon on the keys and last night, the keys were on an accordion, which lent the authentic Mexican music sound... of course the sombreros and frilly shirts helped out in the appearance department. In a word, I LOVE these guys and I owe them from the bottom of my heart.

Live music and musicians changed my life way back in the 60s... and while you can frequently catch me saying - just like your own grumpy parents do - how much better it was in the old days... for my money - there isn't a soul out there playing live these days who can touch Jack Oblivian or Tyler Keith.