December 10, 2007

In ATLANTA, at last. I worked on an underground film for a few days in LA before flying out to Atlanta for my show here at the Star Bar (December 13 - 15). Because we are in the throes of winter and the unpredictable weather that with it comes, I chose to route my flight from LA to Dallas, and Dallas to Atlanta. I couldn't afford to buy the non-stop at the late date when my plans were confirmed. Dallas, I figured, would be one place where weather was not an issue on December 9. But I was wrong.

My flight from LA to DFW airport was not just on time - it was early! However, the flight departing DFW for Atlanta was delayed, and kept getting delayed throughout the course of the afternoon.... because it originated in the Plains state of Oklahoma, which was experiencing an ice storm. I was lucky, because a lot of the flights out of Oklahoma were cancelled.

Arriving at my friend Bryan's apartment in Atlanta three hours later than I expected to, I was out of luck on trying to get something to eat... bars close at midnight and most of the restaurants around here (in his neighborhood at any rate) stop serving around 10. It was 11 PM by the time I started foraging for food. I got a couple slices of really good pizza... but I had a hankering for a whole different kind of hot meal. Ah well.

Slept til 2 PM today, local time...made a few prints this afternoon... got a dinner invitation from old pals from LA who now live in Buckhead (one of them teaches at Emory), and some more printing to do tomorrow as well. Thankfully, I'm getting sleepy at 10:19 PM as I write this, so no more up-all-night stuff tonight...

If you are in the ATL.. come to the Star Bar at 8PM (downstairs) and check out the pictures --- Thursday - Saturday. Stick around for the rock n roll !