Unguarded Moments IN THE NEWS!

Several images from the Unguarded Moments: Backstage and Beyond collection are part of the Christie's Pop Culture Auction, to be held on June 23, 2009.

You can view the eCatalog RIGHT HERE or simply visit Christies.com and peruse their site. The Unguarded Moments images of The Germs and Belinda Carlisle comprise lots 49 and 50 in Christies Pop Culture Auction - check them out!

In 2008, Christie's, the venerable auction house, held two wildly successful, highly regarded and heralded auctions of Pop Culture artifacts. The November 2008 auction focused largely on memorabilia from the punk rock era. (Visit the NYTimes for pictoral coverage! or read their comprehensive coverage)

Now, in June 2009, punk rock once again comprises a healthy chunk of the items on the auction block.

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The Germs - this image is one of the prints in Lot 49

We at Punk Turns 30 (which would be me, speaking as the Royal "We," god save the queen...) are both proud and perplexed about this phenomena.

On the one hand, we think, HELL YEAH! at the thought of being deemed collectible by an institution such as Christie's. It helps to bolster the notion we have held for our lifetime that photography IS fine art.

On the other hand, we simply feel like "Forrest Gump."  Who'da thunk that our misspent youth would become noteworthy rather than notorious?  Maybe it is notoriously noteworthy.

At the end of the day, we have YOU to thank:  the fans, the followers, the collectors, friends, family and supporters.

Now... please tell your rich friends about this auction!